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Crossover International Academy Donations

Thank you for your willingness to help our students collect educational books for their sister school in Ghana.
Please send public donations for this project, as outlined in local newspapers, directly to our school:

Tenino Elementary School
PO Box 4024
Old Highway 99 N.students in Ghana
Tenino, WA 98589

Please make checks out to Tenino Elementary School - Ghana Sister School Fund.

Crossover International Academy is a K-8 school located Tongor-Attokrokpo on the shore of Lake Volta, in Ghana, Africa. Crossover Academy houses and provides a formal education for more than 254 orphaned students. A voluntary staff of eight teachers along with principal David Yayravi, the school administrator, serves the school. The school provides food for the children daily, cooked by the principal's wife.
Temporary Rebuilding
Unfortunately, Lake Volta flooded the school campus in 2010 and destroyed the former school and its contents, requiring rebuilding of a temporary structure on higher ground. The temporary facility is composed of two thatched classroom structures and a girl’s dorm.  The student body cannot all fit in the thatched classrooms at the same time. Plans for a future permanent school campus are in the works if a financial base can be established. Meanwhile, the teachers and students, who speak English, have no curriculum.

Despite the loss of the original school complex, the school still holds Lake Volta in high regard as the fish population in the lake offers food and a small income for the school, which students and staff earn by fishing with nets. Future plans call for large-scale fish farming of ilapia to provide a reliable source of protein and revenue to supplement subsistence needs for the school children.

Provides Hope

The children are all orphans, some of whom have experienced the dark side of slavery: harsh treatment and abuse of the worst kind.  The school provides hope for their recovery as well as protection from re-entry into the slavery movement for boys and girls. Most importantly, as the principal knows only too well, education is how these young students will the escape from abject poverty.

The students brave cracked lips and skin from the tireless hot Harmatten winds in the summer and watch flooding rainwater boil through their school during the rainy season. At night the students sleep together on floor mats. When it rains, dripping water awakens the students, permeating the thatched roof overhead and soaking their belongings.

For the first time, the school finds itself in a life-threatening predicament due to a catastrophic crop failure. The rainy season stopped abruptly a few weeks ago, and the corn crop has quickly failed. The corn, or maize, represents the backbone of the students' diet, along with beans, rice, and yams. Starvation is imminent without help.

TES is reaching out to see what else we can do.

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