Welcome to Tenino Elementary, the proud home of Tenino the Tiger!

We are a community of third, fourth, and fifth grade students learning, growing, and mastering a host of skills in preparation for careers, continuing education, and success in life. Our staff and volunteers take pride in the excitement, rigor, and passion that we infuse into the learning process.

Please feel free to visit our Staff page to contact your child’s teacher or specialists or use the Contact Us page for our address or phone number. We look forward to hearing from you.

A Message from our Principal

Dear Parents, Families, and Community,

Our primary focus is the academic growth of our students. Our mission is to achieve the growth of all children along what we call the “aim line.” This trajectory keeps the student progressing on track and serves as one source of feedback for teachers and parents.

Those were discussion points at our spring conferences as teachers formed renewed partnerships with parents to support sustained student growth. We thank parents for their continued support for student learning at home – specifically in monitoring that their child, or children, read every night. Research shows a strong connection between reading and success in life. 

As we move into our spring assessment mode, we remind parents of the critical need for consistent student attendance, particularly in the mornings. 

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Thurston County. This program will provide supervised after school opportunities for students of Tenino School District. We will house the program at Tenino Elementary School in the multi-purpose room. Check out their website and watch for further information on the Tenino School District website.


David Ford
David Ford

David Ford, Principal