Welcome to Tenino Elementary, the proud home of Tenino the Tiger!

We are a community of third, fourth, and fifth grade students learning, growing, and mastering a host of skills in preparation for careers, continuing education, and success in life. Our staff and volunteers take pride in the excitement, rigor, and passion that we infuse into the learning process.

Please feel free to visit our Staff page to contact your child’s teacher or specialists or use the Contact Us page for our address or phone number. We look forward to hearing from you.

A Message from our Principal

Dear Parents, Families, and Community,

I am happy to report that we have two community partners working with the district to enhance the experiences available to our students at TES. The Together organization will begin a cooperative after-school program beginning next week that is designed to serve participating students in academic and healthy choices curricula.

Student enrollment is open to grades three through five. I hope that you have been receiving information packets from your children.

We are pleased to announce that next autumn the Boys and Girls Club will be operating an extensive consistent after-school program in the multi-purpose room at Tenino Elementary School. They have a variety of excellent student programs that parents can access for a minimal fee. Boys and Girls Club programs are active in many communities. More information will be provided to parents by the Boys and Girls Club as we move into May – through the district website, handouts carried by students, and upcoming parent information meetings.

Placement of students into teacher classrooms for the next academic year is one of my most important responsibilities and, rest assured, that I take it very seriously. We form a large staff team to discuss each student individually and look at possible placements. We use time-intensive, time-tested protocols to balance classes based on considerations like gender, academic data, behavior, staff feedback, and student learning styles, etc. Parents who wish to communicate learning style information for our consideration can fill out a form available at the TES office Tuesday, May 31, though Friday, June 3, 2016.

Please keep an eye on the calendar as we move into the final weeks of school. It is jammed with activities, particularly in June. I don’t want you to miss out on any!

It is my honor to serve the children of Tenino Elementary School.


David Ford
David Ford

David Ford, Principal