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Welcome to Tenino Elementary School, home of Tenino the Tiger! We are a community of third, fourth, and fifth grade students learning, growing, and mastering a host of basic skills in preparation for life. We take pride in the excitement and passion that we infuse into the learning process.

We are becoming experts in understanding the connection between improvement on the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) and the daily activities in the classroom. Preliminary data reflects a correlation between MAP and the state assessment called the Measure of Student Progress (MSP). There is a sustained effort to continue to explore academic interventions to address gaps in student learning.

Organization of the school day supports an uninterrupted morning with specialists in the afternoon providing physical education and general music.

Please feel free to visit our Staff page to contact your child’s teacher or specialists or the Contact Us page for our address or phone number. We look forward to hearing from you.

A Message from our Principal

Dear Parents, Families, and Community,

Teaching and learning are in high gear. We understand where students scored academically by viewing data from the recent winter MAP scores as well as classroom-based assessments. We are applying a variety of targeted interventions to address skill deficits in below benchmark students. Conferences will lead to parent-teacher-student generated strategies to keep students learning optimally and, if necessary, catching up. We appreciate the partnership with parents to support teachers in moving all students along what we call the "aim line."

Educational foundations are built on several important foundational pieces: relationships, engagement, and appropriate and meaningful content. The educational environment is also critical. For the past year district staff, school principals, school board members, parents, and community members have met to discuss and draft a plan for future school facilities. After considering different plans and ideas, the school board decided to ask voters to support a $38 million bond to remodel Tenino School facilities. The election for the bond will happen on Tuesday, April 22. Please contact Citizens for Tenino School, the school board, or the superintendent for details. Please remember to vote on April 22.

We have good news for those tracking the progress or our container of books traveling across the globe to our sister-school in Ghana, Africa. The educational materials have arrived! Stand-by for photos which I will post on the school website. The project has grown to be a third through twelfth grade community-wide project. It actually went worldwide if you consider the high school Justin Bieber fundraiser.

David Ford

David Ford

David Ford, Principal


What's New

Upcoming Events
We are always working on some new projects or looking forward to exciting events! Please be sure to mark your calendars with our events, and be sure to check our main calendar frequently to keep up-to-date.

Volunteers Wanted

Calling all volunteers! We need your help. Read more >>>

New Online Tutoring From Home

This year we will incorporate two specific on-line resources designed to provide “gap-filling” experiences for our students. Read more >>>

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